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Robin Singh | Mississauga, ON

Business Leader's Workshop: Management

Check back soon for our next workshop date and topic


Check back soon for our next workshop date and topic

In this workshop you’ll learn what can be done in the next 30 days to improve your sales team and improve 2017 sales. We’ll discuss why the excuse that “things are slow right now” is not true. You'll hear real-world case histories that will shed light on lost opportunities, slipping margins, rising cost of sales, compensation, complacency, market share and turnover. You'll discover the top five things on which sales managers should be spending 85% of their time.

A free two-hour workshop for designed specifically for Presidents, Owners and Senior Vice Presidents

Our upcoming FREE 2-hour workshop will help you get to the core of your sales team's unproductive behaviours and show you how to manage more effectively and systematically in today's competitive environment. Attendees will learn:

  • If your existing salespeople have what it takes to grow your company
  • The difference between salespeople who might sell vs. those who actually will
  • Whether your salespeople have the crucial elements necessary for sales success
  • How to spot the sales winner in the first twenty minutes of the first interview
  • Whether your sales manager is doing everything possible to grow the organization


Robin Singh

Proven strategist and Information Technology sales leader with over 20 years of experience driving revenue growth and profitability for diverse regional and global operations. Known for expertise in channel sales strategies, strategic partnerships and customer relationships. Skilled at building and leading successful teams to exceed personal and company goals.


Dave Lebert

Dave Lebert has over thirty-five years of sales, sales management and training experience, including twenty years as the owner of Southwest Professional Development Inc. Dave provides training and coaching for sales professionals, sales managements, senior level management, and owners of small and large companies.

Are your salespeople...

  • Missing forecasts and saying it's not their fault?
  • Giving away too much information to their prospects?
  • Selling on price, discounts or freebies – cannibalizing margins?
  • Consistently not hitting their quotas and saying it'll be better next month?
  • Telling you they've "got a hot one" but nothing happens?
  • Blaming the competition, the economy or the company for their failures?
  • Doing proposals that turn into unpaid consulting or comparison shopping?
  • Complaining they never have time to prospect?
  • Giving the "million-dollar presentations" and getting a "think it over"?
  • Spending time getting ready to get ready?

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