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Robin Singh | Mississauga, ON

Prospect the Sandler Way

A workshop for salespeople who are working hard but with frustrating results


When it comes to prospecting, is your team...

  • Struggling with stalls and objections from prospects?
  • Worried about what to say and how to say it?
  • Concerned about how many successful conversations they’ll have?
  • Upset about making dials without securing any meetings?
  • Anxious about making cold calls?
  • Sick of hearing, "send me some information"?

Are you effectively filling your pipeline?

This workshop is for salespeople who want to...

  • Create a slight-edge sales advantage
  • Establish a systematic process for prospecting
  • Learn new techniques for taking the pressure off you and your prospect
  • Take out activities that waste your time and bring little results

Included in Registration

Attendees receive a copy of "Prospect the Sandler Way"

Prospect the Sandler Way shares thirty core principles for mastering stress-free lead development by phone and over the Internet, in accordance with the selling system developed by David H. Sandler. This book includes updated strategies on 21st-century topics like conducting effective on-line pre-call research, and using LinkedIn to generate referrals. 

facilitated by

Robin Singh

Owner, Sandler Training in Mississauga 

Robin is a proven strategist and Information Technology sales leader with over 20 years of experience driving revenue growth and profitability for diverse regional and global operations. Known for his expertise in channel sales strategies, strategic partnerships, and customer relationships, he is skilled at building and leading successful teams to exceed personal and company goals.

Contact Robin: | 647-988-1037

About this workshop

This prospecting workshop is an interactive sales workshop designed to produce results, learn effective cold calling techniques, and overcome call reluctance. Participants will learn the no-pressure prospecting call and develop a customized approach geared to their business, how to get past gatekeepers, when and how to leave voicemail, how to overcome stalls and objections and deal directly with the causes of call reluctance.

You don't have to like cold calls, you just have to make them!

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