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Robin Singh | Mississauga, ON

Robin Singh

For some salespeople, the vagueness of their initial prospect meetings carries through to their eventual presentations. They fail to establish clear connecting links between the elements of their proposed offer and the specific aspects of the prospect’s requirements. Instead, their presentations focus too narrowly on their product or service, their company’s capabilities, and in some cases, on themselves.

When you first meet with a new prospect, how do you position your product or service? How do you characterize its various features, functions, and advantages? Which elements do you emphasize as having the strongest potential appeal to the prospect?

Rather than treating the customer service department as the “cleanup crew” (any mistake down the line, and the cleanup crew is sent in to do damage control and “fix it”, begin to think of these employees as what they are: business people.

It's extremely difficult to establish bonding and rapport with a prospect by means of the written word alone.  Use email to take the conversation offline and book more appointments and meetings.

The CPA’s world brings with it challenges that are different than those experienced by people selling other products and services.  Many CPAs benefit from a systematized, methodical approach to sales.  Watch the video to understand your next steps for business growth.

By using the right techniques, sales professionals will be able to qualify their prospect base much more effectively, deliver fewer presentations, close a far higher percentage of those commissions, and close more business.  Continue reading to learn how to qualify to get decisions and close business faster.

Identify the goals that really matter to you, then put the power of visualization to work on your behalf to attain them.

Is everyone on your sales team speaking the same language?  When you ask your sales rep, "Hey, how did that call go?" and she responds, "It went well."  What does well mean? The sales manager may have a different interpretation of "went well" than the sales rep.  There is no room for wishy-washy words in a bottom line.  Ninety-four percent of sales organizations do not have a common process.

Do a Reality Check on Your Sales Forecast - If inactive prospects have snuck into your pipeline, now is the best time to clean them out. Remember – only active, qualified prospects who are currently in discussion with you, and moving through the sales process, should form the basis of your sales forecasts.

Launching a discussion about features usually leaves prospective buyers cold. Create and practice a statement that helps you engage with others about the desirable outcome you’ve delivered to other customers.