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Robin Singh | Mississauga, ON

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Leadership for Organizational Excellence Lunch and Learn

Leadership development workshop for entrepreneurs

The Roadmap to Organizational Excellence

Monthly Workshop

"Excellent" caliber businesses are growing and expanding, and constantly moving beyond comfort zone to adjust to changing technology and market conditions. Once a month we invite leaders to join us at our training centre for a lunch and learn to explore how to achieve excellence in leadership.

Check below for upcoming workshop dates and inquire to reserve your spot!

How do we move from "at–risk" to "excellence"?

All businesses can be classified into four categories:

  • Excellent

    These companies are always improving their present situation—and always looking forward. For leaders, and everyone else at these organizations, excellence is a way of life.


  • Well-Managed

    These organizations are nevertheless vulnerable, because they have not yet created a management culture in which organizational excellence is second nature, regardless of personnel changes.


  • Average

    These businesses are doing well enough to reasonably satisfy the owners and management, but they are vulnerable to regressing back to the at-risk level .


  • At-Risk

    These businesses typically revolve around their leader, without this leader the business or department may suffer greatly.


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